DORSIMIX® formulated filler – the money-maker

DORSIMIX® is Dorfner’s branded range of ready-made formulated fillers used in resinous coatings for industrial and commercial flooring. DORSIMIX® is a versatile product used for both pre-filling and for broadcasting onto fresh self-leveling (SL) coatings.
Whether you look at the engineering or the economics, DORSIMIX® is simply brilliant. Contractors can install high-strength flooring with minimal coating thickness while reducing consumption by up to 15% compared to conventional fillers.

DORSIMIX® – the formulated filler with a touch of genius

DORSIMIX® fillers are based on high-performance quartz sand. In the base layer, they build up a tightly-packed 3-dimensional framework which is wedged together, producing durable, high-strength floor coatings. Also, because the coatings are thin, less resin is needed.

Customer benefits of DORSIMIX® fillers at a glance


  • Formulated fillers for industrial and commercial flooring
  • Advanced particle technology for professional solutions
  • High strength, low coating thickness
  • Resistant to impact, rolling loads and chemical attack
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  • Compatible with all standard resin systems
  • Perfectly formulated for self-leveling coating compounds
  • Good workability, reliable results
  • Low error rate
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  • Formulations with the world's lowest binder consumption
  • Dependable installation, minimized risk of complaintsli>
  • Installation team is highly productive
  • Can significantly reduce binder costsli>
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Saves resin: DORSIMIX® fillers are so densely packed in the coating that there is little space left in between for resin.
Guaranteed strength: DORSIMIX® delivers unparalleled strength.
Optimized flowability: Compounds containing DORSIMIX® have excellent flow properties and enhanced workability, making application much easier.
Tailor-made: DORSIMIX® blends are perfectly tailored for pre-filling and for broadcasting onto fresh coatings.

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ISG quartz sand blends are always state-of-the-art

ISG quartz sand blends are the archetypal products in the Dorfner quartz sand range. Special screening lines, the legendary ISG A, B and C blends, are regarded in many industries as the embodiment of quality, and they are even used as a generic term for high-quality quartz sand products. It is hardly surprising that ISG quartz sand blends are always state-of-the-art and are the filler of choice for resinous flooring.

At the leading edge of filler technology

ISG quartz sand blends have been used for installation of many million square meters of resinous flooring. They are the right choice for coatings which are subjected to heavy stress and loads in applications where the flooring has to be tough and virtually indestructible. Examples include wholesale and retail outlets, production and assembly plants, public buildings such as parking garages and flooring in the healthcare sector and the transportation industry.

It's what’s inside that counts

A: Color comparison between various quartz sand products B: REM image of ISG quartz sand. C: ISG quartz sand blends have a bright gray color and rounded grains. This monocrystalline sand is very hard, making it the ideal filler for resilient resinous floor coatings.

The secret is in the blend

Dorfner quartz sand blends are mixed in situ, which takes a lot of effort and expertise. Our proprietary process ensures batch-to-batch reproducibility on the screening lines, which is an essential quality attribute of our ISG quartz sand blends. This translates to high dependability and consistently good results for users of our quartz sand blends.

The customer benefits of ISG quartz sand at a glance


  • Formulated filler systems, special in situ screening lines
  • Compact, rounded grains; light uniform gray color
  • Very high packing density in the composite
  • Very high strength, even on thin layers
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  • Compatible with all standard binder systems
  • Optimized rheology for self-leveling (SL) systems
  • Very good workability
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  • Can significantly reduce binder costs
  • Recognized brand-name product and a generic term throughout the industry
  • High quality standards provide maximum assurance to users
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DORSILIT®-quartz sand – the benchmark

DORSILIT® brand quartz sand is based on raw materials which we extract from our own open-pit mine and then refine into a top-quality, high-performance quartz sand using specialized process technology. DORSILIT® quartz sand has an excellent reputation in the market as a filler for resinous flooring. DORSILIT® quartz sand.

DORSILIT®-quartz sand for floor coatings

DORSILIT® is always a good option for professionally installed resinous floor coatings which must withstand significant abuse:

  • Production and assembly plants
  • Commercial premises
  • High-traffic areas in public buildings such as train stations, airports and parking garages
  • Public buildings such as hospitals, government offices and much more


Customer benefits of DORSILIT® for resinous flooring at a glance


  • High purity, uniform
  • Compact and hard
  • Very bright basic color
  • Rounded grains, good for high packing density
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  • Compatible with all standard resin systems
  • Enhances the flow characteristics of the resin formulation
  • Very good pourability and easy spreading
  • Finished flooring has excellent strength
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  • Moderate resin consumption
  • Cost-saving
  • Certified and recommended by many manufacturers of flooring installation systems
  • Brand-name product with a proven track record and long-term availability
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Sturdy support matrix

DORSILIT® is a key structural component which makes resinous flooring resilient enough to withstand significant abuse. Our quartz sand particles build up a tightly-packed 3-dimensional framework in the resin matrix. DORSILIT® quartz sand is compatible with all standard resins and is suitable for pre-filling and for broadcasting onto fresh coatings.

DORSILIT® quartz powder adds stability

DORSILIT® quartz powder is made from high-quality quartz which is extracted from our own deposits. The pure light-gray quartz passes through a grinding and fine screening process. The powder is used as a special filler for resinous flooring, and it is a standard ingredient in many filler formulations.  It is so fine that the particles easily slip into the gaps, reinforcing the 3-dimensional framework of coarse particles. Due to their irregular shape, the particles are wedged in place similar to what you see at the macro level in a dry stone wall. The Dorfner “low void” grains increase the strength of the base layer on a floor by a factor of 10.

Major constituent of floor coatings

DORSILIT® quartz powder is a major ingredient in many filler formulations. Well-known manufacturers use it in many of their resinous flooring installation systems. Because of the wedging action and “low-void” functionality, quartz powder greatly increases the strength of floor coatings.

Customer benefits of DORSILIT® quartz sand for resinous floor coatings

Technical excellence

  • Pure, uniform quartz product
  • Compact, excellent mechanical durability
  • Pleasing light gray color
  • Irregular splintered shape
  • Thoroughly screened product with no coarse particles
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Superior application performance

  • Compatible with all standard resin systems
  • Wedges the mineral microstructure together in the coating
  • Enhances the strength of the finished flooring
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Economically attractive

  • Reduced resin consumption
  • Certified and recommended by many manufacturers of flooring installation systems
  • Brand-name product with a proven track record and long-term availability
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GEBA® is synonymous with high-quality sand in the flooring industry

Dorfner’s GEBA® sand is a unique raw material which is used as a filler in resinous floor coatings. GEBA® has a bright neutral basic color, compact grain structure and rounded shape. It gives heavy-duty floor surfaces the necessary toughness to withstand high static and dynamic mechanical loads. GEBA® makes the flooring very firm and inert when exposed to aggressive substances such as melting salt, oil and fuel.

GEBA® sand is everywhere

Whenever concrete is exposed to high loads and wear and must be protected with a resinous floor coating, GEBA® sand from Dorfner is an obvious choice. Many coating system manufacturers specify our brand-name products in their guidelines. Flooring contractors have the assurance that they will get impeccable results with GEBA® sand.

GEBA® sand and the customer benefits at a glance


  • Grains have rounded edges, suitable for all common formulations
  • Compact grains, provides stability
  • Resistant to impact and rolling loads
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  • Very bright basic color, goes well with many shades
  • Compatible with all common resin systems
  • Rounded grains ideal for pliant mortar and self-leveling compounds with good flow properties
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  • Quality-controlled brand-name product, consistently good properties
  • High product availability
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Reduced system costs
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