New GRANUCOL® Production Line in Operation

To ensure fast and reliable availability of GRANUCOL® colored sands despite growing demand worldwide, Dorfner has made some timely investments in the production process thereof. In August of this year, we finished construction on a fifth production line for synthetic resin-coated colored sands and started production on it. After a lightning-fast planning and realization phase of just ten months, we have now more than doubled our capacity for turning out small production batches.

Equipped with modern conveyor and weighing technologies, and aided by a new control and visualization concept, this production line is specially designed to produce smaller consignments; it can handle orders of GRANUCOL® colored sands in minimal batch sizes of up to 300 kg. This makes the new production line ideally suited for responding flexibly to customer-specific requirements originating from smaller projects.

Dorfner GRANUCOL® KG and GRANUCOL® EP are logical first choices when it comes to functional fillers for high-quality, durable and decorative industrial flooring. These products are characterized by their virtually unlimited color diversity, their high UV stability and wear resistance, as well as their quick availability.

In addition to the individual components for GRANUCOL® mixtures, this product line also offers the innovative GRANUCOL® Conduct and Conduct 2.0 fillers for use in conductive industrial flooring.