DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA: For robust wall paints

High-traffic areas like kitchens, stairwells or public entry halls can really put the durability of wall paints to the test. Particularly when they also have to resist moisture and mechanical stresses. Especially strongly pigmented, matte paints suffer from dirt, bumps and bangs – as well as normal cleaning activities. They can quickly develop unattractive streaks and shiny patches that detract from the overall appearance of a room.

Developed expressly for such applications, Dorfner’s new DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA is the solution for toughening up emulsion wall paints used in demanding environments. Because of its high color intensity, the new multifunctional filler is particularly suitable for tinted, colored systems. At the same time, it has a mattifying effect and resists becoming glossy. Despite its medium grain size, the filler may meet the criteria for Class 1 wet scrub resistance in high-traffic spaces: Walls can thus be cleaned with water, a brush and a hygienic cleaner without ruining the matte look.

DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA is chemically very resistant, conforms to all known ecolabels and EU directives, and is compatible with all common binders. This special combination of positive attributes allows paint manufacturers to adapt their mix formulas. In many cases, other special or synthetic additives can be left out entirely – simplifying formulations and streamlining processes.