GRANUCOL® EFFECT MIX: for special design accents in kitchen and bath

With its broad and innovative portfolio of filler systems, Dorfner has set standards for years in the manufacture of kitchen products from composite materials. For these customers, Dorfner now also provides filler mixes that create extraordinary effects with attractive depth: GRANUCOL® Effect Mix. This new blend guarantees long-lasting, non-fading colors with sharp contrasts and improved luminosity, as well as excellent chemical and mechanical resistance properties.

GRANUCOL® Effect Mix is based on the same proven mineral-based fillers as the rest of the GRANUCOL® product line. These are supplemented by an effect pigment that is incorporated into the granules using an original new coating process. The result is beautiful surfaces with sharp ‘metallic’ mica effects and brillliant colors that last and last. In contrast to conventional metal-fleck particles, these pigments can be blended into mixtures without any drawbacks. They are so robust that even the high-shear energy inputs from mixing screws during production cause no loss of quality. And, like the rest of the GRANUCOL® line, the new GRANUCOL® Effect Mix products are compatible with all common binding agents and optimized for use with existing moulds and commercially available casting machines.