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Staubarme Verlegung von kunstharzgebundenen Beschichtungen

Read this article to learn about the invaluable contribution of our new DORSICOAT® range of quartz-based fillers for floor coatings. The advantages include very low dust levels, excellent occupational safety and outstanding ease of use on site.

Published in Baustoffpartner, April 2015, Page 13

Feuchtigkeit? – Nein danke!

This article explains how the DORVALIT® SHO range of functional fillers can elegantly and efficiently improve the water management capabilities of coatings and exterior wall paint. Required reading for anyone involved in the development of paint and coating formulations.

Published in FARBE UND LACK//05.2015//40-45

New Strategy for the Optimization of Dispersion Paints Using Multifunctional Fillers

Find out how to optimize the design of dispersion paint filler packages and reduce cost. Of interest to anyone involved in the development of dispersion paint formulations.


Interesting comparative study on weed-inhibiting FUGENSAND+ by the Bavarian Viniculture and Horticulture Agency.