Customer value-add begins deep down at Dorfner

Excavating earth at a depth of 100 meters is the first step in the process of adding customer value. The origins of the Dorfner success story go back around 300 million years to the time when our kaolin and quartz sand deposits were first formed in the Hirschau Basin. Nature has blessed us with an abundance of unique resources which we use to make top-quality INDUSTRIAL MINERALS. We also refine them to produce our exceptional REFINERALS® which our customers use in many industrial applications and in countless products.

Macroscopic to microscopic

Dorfner moves more than 1 million metric tons of earth every year. We then process and refine this enormous amount of raw material using large-scale production systems designed in house. We have the expertise to tailor the properties of our INDUSTRIAL MINERALS and REFINERALS® to the exact needs of our customers to an extent which few other companies can match. Our proficiency is based on our proven technological expertise and our in-depth knowledge of surface chemistry. We apply our expertise to develop holistic solutions which give our customers exactly what they need to create significant value-add.

Customer service is our strength

Dorfner delivers outstanding service as well as superior products. When you communicate your preferences and engineering issues to us, our applications engineering team views them as a challenge that provides the motivation to deliver solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal is to increase your value-add, and we have been doing just that for more than 100 years, making a vital contribution to today’s customer products and the markets of tomorrow.