DORKASIL® 70 – the new potassium feldspar for ceramics

Dorfner has developed a new process for eco-friendly and completely safe production of Hirschau potassium feldspar. Pilot customers who were involved in the development process have achieved promising results with DORKASIL® 70. They appreciate the high purity of DORKASIL® 70 which can be used to produce a light-colored body. The highly homogeneous feldspar phase in the ceramic microstructure enhances the strength and appearance of the ceramics. DORKASIL® 70 potassium feldspar is also an excellent choice for ceramic glazing. The ceramics are very well protected and have a radiantly clear appearance.

All-purpose product

DORKASIL® 70 is suitable for many segments of the ceramics industry. The real strengths of this special potassium feldspar come to the fore in tableware, sanitary ware and architectural ceramics. DORKASIL® 70 also has a proven track record in technical ceramics and insulators. A supply target of roughly 2,000 tonnes of DORKASIL® 70 has been set in the Dorfner roadmap for 2015, and the company will be in a position to supply much larger quantities to the ceramics industry in 2016.

Customer benefits of DORKASIL® 70 at a glance


  • Fine, pure potassium feldspar
  • Homogeneous feldspar phase enhances strength
  • Very light-color body
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  • Suitable in almost every formulation
  • Stable slip
  • Fast dewatering in the mold
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  • Short process cycles, fast-paced production
  • Stable processes for A1 quality
  • Process efficiency produces cost advantages
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