Changing the world with industrial minerals and REFINERALS®

How innovative can a company be that was originally founded in 1895? Well - the answer is, actually, highly innovative! This is not least down to the fact that we find ourselves in a globally unique position. We own one of the most significant kaolin and quartz sand deposits in Germany, giving us exclusive access to one of nature's most versatile mineral raw materials. We also know what to do with it, namely produce exceptionally high quality industrial minerals and high-grade REFINERALS® which are a valuable asset in countless applications and create new opportunities in numerous target industries.

Solutions partner

We see our role not only as a producer and refiner of raw materials, but even more so as a partner who can add real value for our customers. Covering the full range of innovation, applications engineering and large-scale operational trials, we work in partnership with our customers, providing the support they need to develop lucrative, marketable products. Today, we are proud of our role as the leading solutions provider in Europe’s industrial and highly-refined minerals sector. We are equally proud of our contribution to the prosperity of entire industries as well as to job creation and the ability of countless people to earn a living.