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tennis court infill and sports fields


GRANUCOL® DURA for tennis court infill

Dorfner is one of the pioneers in infill systems for today’s all-weather tennis courts. GRANUCOL® DURA is the right filler for infill technology because of its high level of compliance with the technical criteria. It is ideally suited for the playing characteristics and biomechanics of tennis players. Tennis courts with GRANUCOL® DURA sand infill give tennis clubs and tennis event organizers the opportunity to generate income with the courts all year round, stage more competitions per season and minimize the cost of cleaning and maintaining the courts. Sand-filled tennis courts with GRANUCOL® DURA infill are approved by international tennis federations. International events including Grand Slam tournaments are staged on these courts.

Cutting-edge technology

GRANUCOL® DURA consists of quartz sand particles with rounded edges and a color coating. They have outstanding UV stability and excellent abrasion resistance. GRANUCOL® DURA is available in a range of colors and shades which exactly match the carpet pile.

All-weather tennis courts are highly popular

State-of-the-art sand-filled tennis courts consist of a carpet which has a blade-like pile and is installed on a gravel sub-base. GRANUCOL® DURA is overfilled until it covers the tips of the blades.

Good playing characteristics all year round

Dorfner adjusts the grain size distribution of GRANUCOL® DURA to ensure good drainage and quick drying. Tennis players are able to "slide" on this surface so that they can meet the ball perfectly just like on a real clay court. This reduces the stress on the musculoskeletal system and minimizes the risk of injury. Also, the ball bounces almost exactly the same way as tennis players, who are used to playing on real clay courts, expect.

Customer benefits of GRANUCOL® DURA at a glance


  • UV-stable, resistant to abrasion
  • Perfectly adapted to player needs
  • Excellent ball bounce and athletic biomechanical properties
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  • Very good drainage
  • Easy to spread and clean
  • Suitable for any infill system
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  • Durable solution
  • Minimal cleaning effort, low maintenance costs
  • Playable 365 days/year
  • Unbeatable cost/performance ratio
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