Always leading from the front

When it comes to industrial and commercial flooring, builders, architects, floor topping suppliers and users invariably focus their expectations on the same set of deliverables: durability in every respect, attractive designs and good workability of the coating system, all at an affordable cost. Dorfner is a leading supplier of quartz sand based filler systems for self-levelling and trowel-finish floor toppings for industrial and commercial projects. The company is at the cutting edge and has set the benchmark in this market segment for more than 30 years.

150 million m2 – you won't find a reference better than that

Dorfner DORSILIT®, DORSIMIX®, GRANUCOL® and GRANUCOL® MIX brand fillers are the main constituent (up to 85%) in floor coatings used in industrial and commercial applications. They are the crucial ingredients which provide body, giving the flooring its proverbial indestructability as well as its attractive and colorful design. Customers in the industrial construction industry together with architects, coating system manufacturers, binder manufacturers and installers are all of one mind. They fully rely on the proven Dorfner quality track record when they undertake construction projects or make filler recommendations. This reputation for quality gives everyone involved maximum confidence and assurance, provides the best protection against complaints and warranty claims and ensures that construction projects generate a profit.

New and innovative

Through a concerted effort, Dorfner has achieved a breakthrough which significantly enhances occupational safety and ergonomics during installation of industrial and commercial flooring. DORSICOAT® is a quartz sand product which is in a class of its own. Now that this filler is available, it has finally become possible to almost totally eliminate dust during installation of flooring on industrial and commercial construction projects. That makes life a whole lot better for the installation team. Occupational safety improves dramatically without excessive additional cost. This is innovation as it is meant to be!