Game, set and match in landscaping and sports facility construction

Our mineral raw materials are used in many different applications. Our jointing materials for paving stones have an excellent reputation in the gardening and landscaping industry. Our patented FUGENSAND+ is the first of its kind to suppress germination and accumulation of weeds in paving joints, and it does that without biocides and without damaging the environment. Decorative DEKOFUGE brand jointing sand available in colors that go well with the paving stones is truly exceptional. Our sand products also improve the playing experience at sports facilities. Grass and gravel surfaces are a thing of the past on today's soccer fields which are used by the general public. Players show their skills on artificial turf which is made of synthetic fibers and filled with Dorfner artificial turf sand. And who wants to spend their life painstakingly maintaining clay tennis courts? People would much rather play all year round on state-of-the-art infill tennis courts laid out with colorful GRANUCOL DURA filler materials from Dorfner.

Dorfner sand – stopping trains and purifying water

Many rail vehicles have Dorfner sand on board. Sand sprayers inject sand into the gap between the rail and the wheel, increasing traction. The train can start gently without the wheels spinning, and the sand is also essential for braking on wet rails. Sand filters are used in private and public swimming pools and at water treatment plants. They are found wherever fixed-bed filters are used. Special Dorfner filter sand efficiently removes particulate and suspended matter from contaminated water.