Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

It is quite possible that our status as a family-run company with a rich tradition and strong regional roots has helped us to develop a special awareness of the implications of what we do. We act and make decisions based upon an understanding that our natural resources are finite and an awareness of our economic and social responsibility within the region, and we have been doing this for longer than the term "HSEQ" has been around.

Emphasis on quality in our attitudes and actions

Systematic quality assurance can never be imposed from the top down. Only when every employee identifies with the concept is it possible to guarantee the effectiveness of our quality assurance program. We are proud of the fact that every Dorfner employee is not only enthusiastic about our quality focus, but that this also translates into appropriate behavior – within the framework of our "Dorfner Quality Improvement Process" (DQIP).

Respect which has grown naturally

Every act of mining natural resources is an invasion into the natural world, and the marks which are sometimes left behind can be plain to see. This is why we apply all of our expertise into getting as close as possible to one hundred percent utilization. We save energy and, as far as possible, avoid emissions during processing and refining. Also when the time comes, we do everything necessary to restore the natural environment to its original condition – from reforestation to the creation of new lakes, ponds and biotopes.


Our commitment to quality and the environment is documented in our DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001/2015 certifications. The certificates are available for viewing here.