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The GRANUCOL® product family for composite kitchen sinks

Dorfner is the world market leader in mineral-based fillers used in composite kitchen sinks, and for good reason. GRANUCOL®-SIG/SIL, GRANUCOL®-DURA/SIL and GRANUCOL®-FFB/SIL brand products gave composite kitchen sink manufacturers what they needed to make the breakthrough. These fillers also eliminate a considerable amount of cost, because composite kitchen sinks made with GRANUCOL® have very high filler ratios. Manufacturers use less resin, which cuts system costs.

The leader in fillers for composite kitchen sinks

Dorfner’s GRANUCOL® series sets a number of benchmarks in sinks made of kitchen sink composites. They have virtually unparalleled durability, the broad range of colors gives designers maximum freedom to express their creativity and the processability of Dorfner fillers puts them in a class of their own.

Broad range of colors for appealing designs

Dorfner fillers are available in more than 150 hues which can be reproduced with perfect color fidelity. It is the world’s largest and most dependable range of colors for composite fillers. Composite kitchen sink manufacturers view this diversity as an asset, because it gives them extensive design freedom and welcome scope for differentiation.

The customer benefits of GRANUCOL®-SIG/SIL, GRANUCOL®-DURA/SIL and GRANUCOL®-FFB/SIL at a glance


  • Ceramic like coating with light-fast color pigments
  • Silanized surface for reactive fixation in the binder matrix
  • Exceptional contribution to mechanical durability and chemical resistance of composite sinks
  • The best fillers - anti-scratch, anti-stain, anti-crack and anti-blushing properties
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  • General-purpose, compatible with all standard binders
  • Optimized flow properties for all injection technologies
  • Range of finishes: matte to high gloss
  • More than 150 standard colors for creative design
  • Integral color mixtures with optimized grain size
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  • Designer composites for premium-class kitchen sinks
  • Brand-name product, consistent properties over the long term, high color fidelity, availability guarantee
  • Low resin consumption, reduced system costs
  • Professional support from Dorfner Composite, dependable development partnerships
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GRANUCOL® color quartz sand – the details

GRANUCOL®-SIG/SIL, GRANUCOL®-DURA/SIL and GRANUCOL®-FFB/SIL are colored fillers which consist of a hard mineral core coated with a glass-ceramic like layer containing embedded pigments.

Tightly bonded

GRANUCOL®-SIG/SIL, GRANUCOL®-DURA/SIL and GRANUCOL®-FFB/SIL have reactive groups on the surface which react with the plastic and form an extremely tight bond between the polymer and the material. The result is an exceptionally tough composite for sinks which homeowners will enjoy having in the kitchen for many years.