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GRANUCOL® H series - new fine filler materials for high-strength  sanitary composite products 

The filler materials of the GRANUCOL® H series form the basis for high-quality composite materials. An easy handling during the design and surface structuring, as well as the multitude of post-processing options, won't leave anything to be desired during the production of high-quality sanitary objects. The superior chemical and mechanical resistance of the product properties  enables a high object strength. Through their high filler content  they guarantee a lower binder consumption during the production. 

Design diversity for very high aesthetic aspirations

The filler materials of the GRANUCOL® H series are the alternative to aluminium-hydroxide (ATH). The mineral filler materials, which are based on natural minerals, enable a broad range of application options, for example, in solid surface or gelcoat processes. The products are optimized for the use with existing moulds and trade-customary casting machines. Only one further production step is required for the processing, which in turn increases the production frequency, and at the same time reduces the system costs. In addition to the flame resistance, the filler materials of the GRANUCOL® H series offer a high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Customer benefits through the use of GRANUCOL® H series filler materials


  • Optimized for the use with existing moulds and trade-customary casting machines
  • High quality of the cast parts, with hardly any rework required
  • Low shrinkage of the casting parts
  • Easy de-moulding 
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  • Brilliant look and feel
  • Different surface finish options
  • High flexibility regarding the shape and color design
  • Good reproducibility of shapes and structures
  • Complex geometries can be represented through a good rheology
  • Homogeneous color saturation
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  • Savings through a reduced consumption of binding agents
  • High filler levels for a reduced binder consumption and lower system costs
  • Easy processing, fewer process steps and short cycle times
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Type Special feature Fill degree Surface

GRANUCOL® HSAP available in white, natural und black

Many characteristics in a single product: Hardener, more resistant, can be sanded and polished (High gloss up to 85%) Mineral filler free for alveolar quartz dust

Up to 70%

Surface from matt to high gloss

GRANUCOL® HSAS available in white, natural and black

Particulary high scratch resistance, can be post-processed

Up to 68 %

Matt to shiny

GRANUCOL® HG available in white, granite and black

Hard as ceramics, extremely impact und scratch resistant

Up to 75%


GRANUCOL® HSL available in white, natural, granite and black

For a light weight of sanitary objects

Up to 65%

Matt to shiny

We can offer you:

  • Holistic development performance
  • Comprehensive technical consulting
  • Supporting casting attempts according to individual customer requirements on the own facility
  • Customer-specific adaptions
  • Sampling service
  • Material Analysis