Dorfner Topics


DORKAFILL® PRO_DURA: For robust wall paints

High-traffic areas like kitchens, stairwells or public entry halls can really...


GRANUCOL® EFFECT MIX: for special design accents in kitchen and bath

With its broad and innovative portfolio of filler systems, Dorfner has...



Dorfner and 20 Microns seal sales cooperation for Europe in the field of hydrous and calcined kaolins


Elegance meets strength: GRANUCOL® FQ for self-leveling flooring systems

Elegance meets strength: GRANUCOL® FQ fpr self leveling flooring systems


DORSICOAT®: Working Against Dust on the Job Site

Whether they stem from traffic or the job site: Fine dusts are dangerous to inhale, and doing so can cause a variety of respiratory diseases.


New GRANUCOL® Production Line in Operation

To ensure fast and reliable availability of GRANUCOL® colored sands despite growing demand worldwide, Dorfner has made some timely investments in the production process thereof. 


Dorfner acquires US-based firm

Dorfner aquired ACS International, based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.