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Elegance meets strength: GRANUCOL® FQ for self-leveling flooring systems

Elegance meets strength: GRANUCOL® FQ fpr self leveling flooring systems


DORSICOAT®: Working Against Dust on the Job Site

Whether they stem from traffic or the job site: Fine dusts are dangerous to inhale, and doing so can cause a variety of respiratory diseases.


New GRANUCOL® Production Line in Operation

To ensure fast and reliable availability of GRANUCOL® colored sands despite growing demand worldwide, Dorfner has made some timely investments in the production process thereof. 


Dorfner acquires US-based firm

Dorfner aquired ACS International, based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.


We´ve launched a new website on composites! 

From now on, you will find all information about Dorfner Fillers for composites online! 


GRANUCOL® FQ - fine stuff for walls and floors


New opportunities for composites with extended GRANUCOL® H series