Elegance meets strength: GRANUCOL® FQ for self-leveling flooring systems

Floors contribute substantially to the overall impression of a room, highlighting the architecture and value of a given construction. Decorative and made to last. This is what flooring system manufacturers and architects both want. And that’s what Dorfner offers with its special GRANUCOL® FQ filler mixtures: An attractive appearance coupled with uncompromising function and durability: a balancing act that Dorfner has mastered with its special GRANUCOL® FQ colored filler mixes for self-leveling floor systems. 

Beautiful and tough at the same time: the new, special filler compounds of the GRANUCOL® FQ series take decorative, self-leveling indoor floor systems to a higher standard, making them especially abrasion-resistant and UV-stable.

The homogenous grain size of GRANUCOL® FQ ensures smooth surfaces and a uniform, high-value appearance – even with thin layers. The extremely fine crystals of quartz in the mixes are coated with a whisper-thin polymer layer, into which the pigments are embedded. Six standard mixes offer an attractive range of hues.

Furthermore, these ultra-fine color fillers guarantee consistent processing properties and easy workability in self-leveling floor coatings. The system’s load-bearing capacity also meets all requirements for industrial applications – that means certainty for system providers and installers. Last but not least, the filler mixes are highly compatible with all types of binders (polyester, epoxy and PUR).

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