Purest white and finest consistency

The potential range of applications for Dorfner industrial minerals in the ceramics industry extends from sanitaryware and wall/floor tiles to high-grade porcelain and demanding technical ceramics. A high degree of purity and customizable product grain size guarantee that production costs remain low and ensure that the highest production standards are met. Our washed and ground ceramic kaolins are processed in a complex, multi-stage hydrocyclone screening process. Due to their high kaolin content, they are preferred Al2O3 substrates with low alkaline content and only a small amount of Fe2O3 and TiO2 impurities, which is also very welcome, and they have a pure-white fired color.

Brand-name raw materials for tomorrow’s ceramics

Our DORSILIT® quartz sand is washed repeatedly, offers a high SiO2 content, is free of humic substances and other impurities and is ideal for producing pure white bodies. DORSILIT® quartz sand for ceramics production is exceptionally pure. To avoid contamination with iron which causes significant coloring, there is absolutely no iron in any parts which come into contact with the product in the mills which are used to grind the sand. DORSILIT® quartz sand powder is chemically inert, readily dispersible and has a high SiO2 content (> 98%). DORKASIL® is a refined, very high purity potassium feldspar which produces a white fired color in ceramics. Its particularly wide sintering interval has a positive effect on matrix formation in the ceramics.