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DORKASIL® 70 – the new potassium feldspar for the glass of tomorrow

Dorfner uses a brand new eco-friendly and totally safe production process to make DORKASIL® 70, a Hirschau potassium feldspar which is in a class of its own. Our development partners in the glass industry have conducted extensive tests on DORKASIL® 70 and they have accepted it with open arms. One major reason for this is the high purity of the feldspar which makes it suitable for production of high-transparency glass. The uniform high quality of DORKASIL® 70 gives the glass industry the assurance that producers will be able to effectively manage the melting process in the tank while running production “at the limit”.

Highly versatile, available in large volumes

DORKASIL® 70 is suitable for a broad range of glass. Whenever there is a need for ultra-high purity, our new ultra-pure Hirschau potassium feldspar is a first-choice raw material. A supply target of roughly 2,000 tonnes of DORKASIL® 70 has been set in the Dorfner roadmap for 2015, and the company will be in a position to supply much larger quantities to the glass industry in 2016.