Advancing with a new casting machine in the composites area:
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The market for composite materials is subject to an ongoing process of change. New design, application and technology trends characterize the requirements for the materials. Design and resistance are becoming an increasingly important factor in kitchen and bathroom applications. The industry is looking for partners were able to test new formulas, or visualize experimental and upscaling processes. 

In recent years, Dorfner has become a technology partner for modern composite materials used in kitchen sinks and sanitary products - not just with a broad range of innovative fillers, but also particularly with a comprehensive line of technical service and complete solutions. A special position on the market, because this combination is unique for filler manufacturers.


Planned for the future.

With the purchase of a new casting machine for sanitary products and kitchen sinks, we will provide our customers with many advanced options. The special feature of the system: With this machine it is possible to re-create actual production conditions, as they exist in the customer's facility. Through this, it is possible to quickly identify problems, and solve them accordingly through suitable formulas and an adapted process execution.

The system was developed by Respecta especially for Dorfner, and flexibly equipped for a broad range of applications. With this machine it is possible to process both coloured sand for the production of kitchen sinks, as well as fine filler compounds for the production of bathtubs, shower trays or washbasins.

The system also provides a high degree of flexibility through the utilization of different resin systems as a binding agent component.

The offer to conduct filler material solution developments on the Dorfner casting facility has been highly accepted by the customers. Interested parties are welcome to experience the multitude of possibilities through an on-site visit.