DORVALIT® SHO: A Totally Different Approach to Water Repellency

Dorfner develops EasyDry Technology for water repellent paints and coatings.

The idea is actually quite simple. Simply mix a water-repellent additive or hydrophobic resin into the exterior paint or varnish. Because no water can penetrate through the coating, the exterior wall or wood element is well protected against driving rain. Unfortunately, it is not quite that easy. The water-repellent additives begin to migrate in the paint coating and are washed out. As a result, the protection against water ingress degrades over time. If you add hydrophobic silicon resins, the exterior wall paint remains water repellent, but at what cost? Especially if good water repellency is important, you have to use a lot of expensive silicon resin.

Dorfner has taken a different approach with its DORVALIT® SHO and EasyDry technology. Using a surface treatment called silanization, the paint research team has succeeded in chemically bonding water-repellent molecules to the surface of additive particles. DORVALIT® SHO disperses well in the exterior paint, and like other additives and pigments it is firmly bound in the coating matrix. DORVALIT® SHO helps the coating to permanently remain water-repellent. It resists washout over long periods of time and eliminates the need for expensive silicon resin in many cases.

There is something else for architects and builders to consider. Besides the water beading effect, walls or plaster covered with coatings that contain DORVALIT® SHO are not susceptible to the usual build up of moisture. The entire wall structure dries surprisingly quickly even after a heavy rainfall. The results with wooden elements are equally positive.

So this is something for paint and plaster manufacturers to take a serious look at. DORVALIT® SHO has a lot to offer, namely water repellency and EasyDry technology at an affordable price. Try it!

Finally, a word to users: exterior walls and other surfaces covered with coatings that contain DORVALIT® SHO remain attractive over the long term. The good water management of EasyDry technology makes these coatings less susceptible to moss, algae and fungal growth.