Full speed ahead with industrial minerals and highly functional REFINERALS®

Dorfner is supplementing its traditional business in industrial minerals with a new product range: REFINERALS®.
For generations the name Dorfner has stood for the industrial minerals kaolin and quartz sand and we will remain a reliable supplier to the paint, paper, adhesive, plastics and ceramic industries in the future with our high-quality kaolins. We will also continue to view our traditionally top-quality quartz sands, quartz sand mixes and quartz powders for the construction material, glass and composites industries as one of our core business areas.
As a mid-sized, family-owned company, all of our employees feel responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction as well as reliability in the areas of quality and punctuality. For its customers, Dorfner has been and will remain a reliable partner for industrial minerals.
According to market demands, Dorfner has been continuously developing its products for some time now. These developments have now led to a new group of products – DORVALIT®. The brand-new product, DORVALIT® SHO, is one initial example of our new REFINERALS® product range that will include all of Dorfner’s highly refined products in the future. DORVALIT® SHO completely redefines water management in outdoor paints and wood coatings and makes it possible for manufacturers of these coatings to create innovative solutions.

Refined Minerals are products made of inorganic compounds that are refined using sophisticated processes and company-owned technologies. As a result of the refining process, these products offer functionalities that were previously not possible. Have we piqued your curiosity? Then please come to the ECS and help us greet DORVALIT® SHO, the new member in our REFINERALS® family of products. Or we can discuss our long-standing industrial minerals. We look forward to seeing you.