From uniform gray paving to colourful works of art

Every homeowner dreams of neat terraces, yards, pathways and driveways. And neatly paved concourses and utility spaces play an important role in public spaces as well. A good solution for creating these surfaces is to use concrete block pavers. Block paving is virtually indestructible, eco-friendly and economical. Dorfner now supplies its brand new coloured grouting sand, DEKOfuge+, for upgrading and creating surfaces of distinction from block paving. DEKOfuge+ essentially consists of an ultra-resistant, round grain quartz sand which is coated in a coloured layer similar to a ceramic glaze. DEKOfuge+ is currently available in three colours and in 0.1 – 1 mm grain sizes. DEKOfuge+ is applied like any ordinary grouting sand; it’s easy to brush in, provides a very stable surface and drains well. DEKOfuge+ also ensures joints stay weed-free, since it suppresses the germination and growth of weeds extremely effectively – but in an eco-friendly way and without using any pesticides. Say goodbye to uniform gray spaces, pathways and yards! Give block paving a makeover with DEKOfuge+ for a totally new design direction with coloured grouting sand. When you create a block-paved surface using DEKOfuge+ with its own individual look, you create a vision that stays fondly in the memory. Choose DEKOfuge+ from Dorfner for structured layouts and grid patterns for open spaces - or for creating your own superior designs! If you have any questions about our new DEKOfuge+ product, please contact our sales colleagues (by phone or by e-mail).

Petra Randolph
petra.randolph (at) dorfner [punkt] com
Phone: 0 96 22 82 263