The secret is in the mix

Dorfner is one of the leading companies in Europe for the refining of minerals. The company has the appropriate technology platforms to prepare and treat the surface of minerals in a targeted manner for their respective application. Our REFINERALS®, as we call these highly refined minerals and mixtures, are different to simple minerals or sands. They are complex composite formulations. To be able to produce such advanced products requires considerable expertise and the right technology for mixing particulate substances and the dosing of various different types of components. Dorfner has therefore built a new mixing plant that leaves nothing to be desired. It works with high precision and excellent reproducibility, day after day, batch after batch. Our customers appreciate this attention and precision as when it comes to quality they don't want any unpleasant surprises. The new mixing plant is also highly flexibly designed for batches up to 1000kg or multiples thereof and ideally complements an already existing mixing plant for small containers. The advantages for our clients are clear: efficient batch sizes, quick availability of goods and filling in virtually any container size from a small glass jar to the big bag, just as our customers want it. But a high system capacity is also important for fast delivery and thereby more economical storage for our customers. The new mixing and dosing plant also goes very easy on our REFINERALS®. Thanks to the minimization of the mechanical stress that has been realized in this mixing plant technology, our formulations arrive at our customers completely intact. Finally, the new mixing plant allows the production of highly homogeneous compounds that effectively counteract separation. An important step for the consistency of the processes for our customers.
Conclusion: By investing in a highly efficient mixing plant, Dorfner is able to compose their REFINERALS ® in such a targeted way, that they are better suited to the logistic procedures and highly sensitive processes of our customers.