Eliminating the hazards from fine particulates in quartz powder

The reduction of fine particulates is a declared goal of environmental policy in many countries. The countermeasures taken include setting up environmental zones and installation of diesel exhaust filters. Dorfner has taken up the challenge and has achieved a significant breakthrough in efforts to prevent the release of fine particulates from quartz powder. The new DORVALIT® PMK brand quartz powders minimize fine particulate emissions.

Quartz powder plays a significant role in many industries. The powder is, for example, an indispensable constituent in filler systems used for resin-bonded industrial flooring. The fine particles give the flooring added strength. Like baker’s flour however, quartz powder generates dust, for example during filling or when it is used in an open environment. The dust from the powder contains very fine particulates which create a potential hazard. The epithelial tissue in the lungs cannot keep out all of the particles, some of which wind up in the pulmonary alveoli. This is something to be avoided at bakeries and by our customers as well.

Dorfner has discovered a clever method of solving the fine particulate problem associated with quartz powder once and for all. DORVALIT® PMK is our latest-generation quartz powder, and it represents a milestone in powder handling. Our low-dust DORVALIT® PMK quartz powders enhance occupational safety and also make it much easier for the user to handle these products. Without affecting particle size distribution, an ultra-thin polymer additive coating prevents Dorfner’s DORVALIT® PMK brand quartz powders from becoming suspended in the air and generating dust. Extensive testing has shown that the coating has no influence on the application. DORVALIT® PMK quartz powders are fully compatible with all commonly used polymer bonding agents and the other constituents of the formulations used by our customers.

The Dorfner team would be more than happy to provide advice on fine particulates and quartz powder and assist you in sampling DORVALIT® PMK.