Dorfner addresses technical conferences

We are proud to report that experts from throughout the paint industry are showing increasing interest in what Dorfner is doing. That was the case this year, for instance, with Dorfner being invited to no less than two high-carat events. We took advantage of these opportunities to highlight the technical capabilities of our products and the potential cost savings for the paint industry.
An event on the subject of pigments organized by the Swiss paint industry association, the Schweizerische Vereinigung der Lack- und Farben-Chemiker (SVLFC), and the “Coatings and construction chemistry” conference in Kassel held by Vincentz Verlag, saw Dorfner present some exciting developments to the trade. The brand new DORVALIT® SHO, for instance, is a product for improving the water repellency of paints and varnishes. Based on an innovative functional principle, it has just made a stunning entrance on the market. Then there are the multifunctional fillers of the DORKAFILL® class, which can be used as part of a strategy to improve the quality of dispersion paint and cut production costs.
Dorfner was also able to consolidate its position as a development partner in the paint and varnish industry in 2013 with new and surprising solutions. We look forward to many exciting projects with customers in 2014.