Innovative filler system for beautiful new bathrooms

Many people have home improvement plans. A comfortable, cozy bathroom is often high on the wish list. Homeowners are looking for sanitary ware with contemporary designs and attractive finishes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When selecting sanitary ware, people always have had to choose between traditional cool ceramics and “acrylic class” materials. Each of these standard materials has its own inherent limitations. Now, however, there is a new attractive alternative. Dorfner’s GRANUCOL® HG is an innovative filler system for synthetic resin based composites.

GRANUCOL® HG makes it possible for the first time to produce sanitary ware finishes ranging from matte and satin to high gloss with only one filler and in a single operation. The visual appearance, feel and durability of the end product leave nothing to be desired.

GRANUCOL® HG is based on a mixture of inorganic solids, and it is compatible with standard binder systems. Molding compounds made with GRANUCOL® HG can have high filler ratios and they are very free flowing. The items are molded with high-precision in low-cost fiberglass-reinforced plastic molds. Striking designs with unusual shapes and thin walls can be produced without defects.

GRANUCOL® HG is a new material which creates additional business opportunities for the sanitary ware industry and enables producers to reduce costs and differentiate themselves more effectively from their competitors. GRANUCOL® HG in combination with innovative production technology enables manufacturers to make thoroughly attractive sanitary ware with a ceramic like touch-and-feel. When you place your hands on a designer bathroom sink made of GRANUCOL® HG, you can sense the quality and durability. The new sanitary mix opens the door to a whole new world of visual expression for sanitary ware including steep sidewalls and striking corners. The designs are timeless, enduring and long-lasting. This new world of sanitary ware and bathroom design are particularly attractive to today’s consumers.