Application of dry shake without dust

When you drive into a new parking garage, walk onto a spotlessly clean automotive assembly line or wait at an airport departure gate, you will hardly fail to notice the smooth, seamless, attractive flooring which retains its impeccable finish despite the heavy traffic and stress. Professionals who install industrial flooring have a good solution at hand, namely synthetic resin based coatings containing Dorfner quartz sand as structural components which give industrial flooring added strength and durability.

Quartz sand is often scattered on floors as part of the installation process. This has always had an unpleasant side effect. Small particles which adhere to the larger grains of quartz sand generate dust which is released into the air. This accumulation of dust created a serious impediment. The installation team had to wear dust masks, the sand could not be scattered by machine and the dust often caused surface imperfections. Even worse, dust in the air made it impossible to continue normal operations while floor coverings were being replaced. The areas had to be completely cleared, causing extended, costly work stoppages.

With the introduction of the latest-generation quartz sand from Dorfner, dust accumulation is now history. A special coating on the new DORVALIT® PQK quartz sand series prevents the generation of dust during application of dry shake. For the first time, flooring installation can be virtually dust-free and machines can be used to apply dry shake. DORVALIT® PQK also significantly enhances occupational safety and prevents dust-related surface imperfections. However the biggest single advantage of DORVALIT® PQK is the ability to replace floor coverings while normal operations continue. If you would like to know more about DORVALIT® PQK, call us at: +49 (0) 9622 82-118 or send an e-mail to juergen.wender (at) dorfner [punkt] com.