Dorfner off to good start with DORAGENTS®

Dorfner has launched a new product group called DORAGENTS® which add an extraordinarily positive dimension to the customer’s process. Proximity to the customer along with our intense preoccupation with the customer production process and the products they use led to the development of our Doragents. We always ask ourselves two questions: What can we do better from the customer perspective and how can we enhance our established products so that the customer is able to use them better and with greater ease? We have just introduced DORACOMP® G, a patented solution for gloss and tactile features.

Up until now, the finish on polyester (PES) bonded composite objects for bathrooms produced using quartz sand as the filler was always limited to matte or at best silk-matte. Also, the finish inevitably had a more or less rough feel to it.

Dorfner has now introduced DORACOMP® G which can be used to specifically manipulate the finish on composites, providing new freedom of design. The visual appearance of the finish can be adjusted over a continuous range from dull matte to high gloss to suit consumer preferences. DORACOMP® G is supplied as a practical spray. It is sprayed onto the GFRD mold before filling the mold with the casting compound. The new finish additive produces remarkable results, namely the world’s first high-gloss designer objects for bathrooms made of PES-based composites using quartz sand as the reinforcement mineral. The best of all is that the amount of DORACOMP® G which is sprayed on can be varied to alter the gloss level of the composite, ranging from silk-matte to high gloss.

To request more information on DORACOMP® G, please e-mail us at:
nicole.birner-pechtl (at) dorfner [punkt] com

Alternatively, you can contact our composite specialist Dr. Ralf Giskow at: +49 (0) 9622 82-217