From all over the world to Hirschau

There's a lot going on with quartz

In our quartz meeting, our trading partners could convince themselves that Dorfner is developing dynamically. With the help of new products, Dorfner was again able to show its creativity in the refining of quartz. Good examples of this are the breakthrough dust-free quartz branded DORVALIT® PQK or PMK and hydrophobically adjusted quartz crystals with specific properties that are interesting for new markets. The lecture program was rounded off by the success story of our partner INNOVEO from the UK and the fascinating expert lecture by Till Weikert, Product Manager at our customer Sika. He presented new system solutions from Sika for floor coatings based on joint development projects with Dorfner. Special attention was paid to his explanations on how Sika has successfully managed large construction projects together with flooring experts on site, such as the Patong Beach airport in Phuket, Thailand.

Rapid developments with kaolin

A lot has also happened with kaolin since the last Partner Days two years ago. Dorfner was able to use practical examples to emphasize the great potential of our functional fillers from the DORKAFILL® family. In particular, when it comes to reducing system costs and improving performance, our DORKAFILL® products are now an indispensable part of successful paint formulations. Ms. Radicevic from Alberto Luisoni AG reported on the special challenges and success in the demanding Swiss paint industry.
The new filler from the DORVALIT® SHO brand attracted particular attention; thanks to its specialist qualities, it is bringing new momentum to water management for coatings. The speech from Thomas Bernhofer, Technical Service Manager Coatings at Synthomer, was eagerly awaited. He demonstrated how to formulate new barrier wood lacquer with DORVALIT® SHO, preventing wood ingredients from migrating out of the wood and into the coating, where they could cause undesirable staining. He also demonstrated how to use the functional filler DORKAFILL® PRO_VOID from Dorfner to effectively prevent cracks in wall coatings.

Socializing using Bavarian specialties

A Dorfner partner meeting would not be half as good without a relaxed atmosphere to engage in interesting conversations. With this in mind, Dorfner invited participants to come and learn about the traditional production of a Bavarian specialty: sausages, or more precisely, the Bavarian Weisswurst (white sausage). During a visit to the first and only Bavarian Weisswurst Academy in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, our guests could try their hand at filling, trimming and blanching the white sausages. They then had the chance to taste the sausages, accompanied by soft pretzels, sweet mustard, a Bavarian beer and traditional background music. When our trading partners set off on their journeys home, they all had a Weisswurst diploma in hand as a souvenir.