Advancing into new dimensions

Quartz coating technology is one of Dorfner's core technologies. For the first time it is now possible to line super fine quartz with a super-thin synthetic resin layer, embedded with color pigments. The result: fine-grained colored quartz products that play a significant role in many applications.

Synthetic resin joints on the increase

High quality tiling on the walls and floor help set the right tone in modern living and bathing environments installed by consumers in their own homes. The tiles must be precisely laid and a perfect joint pattern is expected. In order to install these surfaces to the highest technical but also optical and haptic standards possible, more and more synthetic resin bonded joint sealants are being used. In contrast to conventional cement-bonded joints, joints made from this material are color matched exactly to the respective tiles, water resistant and form a stress or micro-crack-free bridge between adjacent tiles.

Supporting role and icing on the cake for the design

Our quartz-based colored GRANUCOL® KG fillers play a supporting role in the truest sense of the word in these synthetic resin joints which are just a few millimeters wide. Not only do they give such joints hold and stance, but they also give them a high resistance and their proverbial resilience. Our new colored super fine quartz from the GRANUCOL® KG series can not only be incorporated very well into the synthetic resin-based joint sealants, but, tone on tone with the respective tile color, they make a significant contribution to an aesthetically perfect joint pattern. With absolute color homogeneity and a semi-matte finish, they are the icing on the cake for quality tiled surfaces in modern architecture.