Making Further Inroads in the Sanitaryware Market

The typical bathroom as we know it, which is found in many millions of households, was originally designed with functionality in mind and was only intended for personal hygiene. However expectations have evolved over time and consumers are now looking for a different kind of bathroom which is a refuge from the stresses of everyday life where people can find peace and relaxation. What they really want is a bathroom furnished with fine sanitaryware that creates a feeling of genuine well-being.

When deciding which sanitaryware to buy, more and more homeowners and builders specifically choose composite materials which contain Dorfner GRANUCOL® class filler systems. These quartz sand based fillers provide the resilience needed for top quality products. The sanitaryware has exceptional stability, and the scratch-resistant finish is virtually indestructible. The furnishings do not have the cold feel of ceramics nor do they look like plastic. The unique haptic experience is based largely on our high-performance mineral fillers which create an impression of durability, elegance and premium quality.

The new composite materials give designers endless possibilities and new freedom to create highly attractive sanitaryware with tight radii, striking corners, steep sides, thin walls and unusual geometries. Everything is possible. The materials also deliver outstanding structural performance. They are exceptionally tough and are not brittle. Self-supporting bathroom furnishings such as suspended sinks, extremely shallow flush fitting shower trays and free-standing bathtubs can be crafted using these composites to create contemporary bathroom designs that transcend time.

Composites made with Dorfner fillers have been very well received by sanitaryware manufacturers, and for good reason. Dorfner’s GRANUCOL® series sanitaryware blends are compatible with all commonly used resins systems, and formulations can be prepared without difficulty. High filling ratios in the casting compounds ensure excellent strength in the finished product and reduce resin consumption. Low-cost GRP molds are suitable for flexible, precision non-pressure casting on small runs. Steel molds are used for high throughput injection molding.

Dorfner is the ideal technology partner for the sanitaryware industry. Our composite experts have a wealth of expertise and deliver end-to-end project support throughout the value-add chain. Our engineers and developers provide advice to customers, work with them to optimize composite formulations and carefully analyze the results casting trials at the customer site or the Dorfner Test Center.