DORVALIT® SHO – Upgrade for Exterior Wall Paint

Every house owner knows that water is a home’s worst enemy and that moisture in ceiling, walls, etc. can have a serious impact on living conditions inside the house. Heavy precipitation has become more frequent, and building exteriors must withstand increasing amounts of driving rain. This creates a significant challenge for exterior wall paint manufacturers and users. House and building owners expect that moisture will be kept out and they demand guarantees that the structure will stay dry.

Dorfner has developed the innovative DORVALIT® SHO functional filler which can be used for water management tuning in nearly any exterior wall paint. DORVALIT® SHO is based on our high-grade calcined kaolins with surfaces that are functionalized with water-repellent groups. DORVALIT® SHO is readily dispersible and can be blended into exterior wall paint formulations. With hydrophobic groups riding piggyback on their surface, DORVALIT® SHO particles are firmly anchored in the exterior wall paint coating. Hence, they do not migrate and cannot be washed out.

Impressive results are obtained with exterior wall paint containing DORVALIT® SHO. Independent testing has confirmed that DORVALIT® SHO accelerates the drying rate. Walls dry out faster, preventing water accumulation inside the building. Mold resistance trials provide an impressive confirmation of these positive findings. Compared to other fillers, exterior wall paint formulated with DORVALIT® SHO exhibits a substantial reduction in mold infestation.

DORVALIT® SHO is the first hydrophobic filler on the market which not only provides long-term protection on homes and exterior walls, but also upgrades nearly any acrylate-based exterior wall paint. With DORVALIT® SHO, you easily produce the same level of performance that you would otherwise only get with expensive hydrophobic silicon resin and silicon oil. The use of DORVALIT® SHO in paint formulations creates an elegant opportunity to reduce the system costs of exterior wall paint.

Read the in-depth report on DORVALI® SHO in the April issue of the European Coatings Journal and visit us at ECS: Hall 7A, Stand 309