DORVALIT® SHO for green corrosion protection coatings

DORVALIT® SHO for corrosion protection coatings is a revolutionary new product from Dorfner, a specialist refiner of high-grade minerals. The innovative functional filler has a number of advantages which should be music to the ears of companies with make corrosion protection coatings.

DORVALIT® SHO can be used to formulate eco-friendly corrosion protection coatings which no longer require special labelling, giving them a genuine market advantage.  Even without the addition of corrosion protection pigments, these formulations provide outstanding protection.

DORVALIT® SHO also has genuine economic benefits. The reduction or complete absence of rust protection pigments reduces system costs by a substantial margin without compromising corrosion protection. This is a very positive aspect for coating producers.

The technical performance of DORVALIT® SHO is excellent across the board: lower rust formation and blistering and better adhesion to prevent infiltration. DORVALIT® SHO is far superior to conventional “barrier fillers" such as mica and talcum.

Dorfner will be unveiling DORVALIT® SHO for corrosion protection applications to the trade public for the first time at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. You will find us at booth 309 in Hall 7 A. We look forward to seeing you there.