Superb Innovative Fillers

Again this year, ground-breaking innovations from Dorfner captured the attention of the trade public at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. Developers of paint, varnishes and floor coatings were highly impressed with the latest developments, and the stream of visitors kept the team at the booth busy.

Based on the results of the most recent trials, producers of exterior wall paint now know that hydrophobically adjusted DORVALIT® SHO filler provides an ideal pathway for adding value to acrylate-based exterior wall paint. By blending DORVALIT® SHO into their formulations, they can obtain a level of performance which up until now was only possible with expensive additives such as hydrophobic silicone resins and oils. DORVALIT® SHO has proven to be an elegant solution for making top-quality paint while at the same time reducing system and production costs.

Producers of metal protection coatings were particularly impressed with the value which DORVALIT® SHO can add to their applications. The new filler gives them what they need to make high-performance, eco-friendly corrosion protection coatings. This functional product seems to be exactly what the market was looking for. Coating manufacturers immediately embraced the idea of green corrosion protection coatings which do not require special labelling and for that reason have outstanding market potential. When they blend in DORVALIT® SHO, they can dramatically cut back on the amount of corrosion protection pigments in their formulations or eliminate the pigments altogether. This reduces system and production costs by a substantial margin without compromising corrosion protection. This is an additional advantage of DORVALIT® SHO which coating producers have gladly taken on board.

The visit to the show was also a worthwhile experience for makers of floor coatings. Dorfner had a very special highlight ready for them, namely DORSICOAT® class quartz sand products which generate virtually no dust during installation. None of the visitors had seen anything like this before and they all congratulated us. They understand very well what it means to have certified, low-dust DORSICOAT® products on site which set a new milestone in occupational safety and installation simplicity.

The Dorfner ECS Team wishes to express its sincere thanks to all of the visitors for their patience, as the booth was quite crowded at times. We had a lot of very stimulating discussions, and we very much appreciate the confidence which they showed in us as a value-add partner.