Patented Formula for Attractive Paving Stone Joints

A visually appealing outdoor surface covered in paving stones is an asset to any property. However, weeds growing through the joints in the springtime tend to spoil the aesthetics. To get things back under control, people usually wind up getting down on their knees to pull out the rapidly spreading weeds by hand or they resort to "chemical warfare”. That, however, is now history. Dorfner grouting sand is an established product which provides lasting protection against weeds in paving stone joints without the need for biocides.

Dorfner has the experience that only comes from many years of grouting sand production. We know exactly what makes good grouting sand and what grain size is needed to hold the stones in place while allowing water to easily drain off. Dorfner also has the right material for producing the sand. Bright, light-gray quartz sand extracted from the company's own deposits goes very well with gray paving stones and it is frequently the solution of choice.

Dorfner also has a wealth of experience with quartz sand coatings. The team at Dorfner has succeeded in applying a special coating to the grouting sand. Biological action suppresses sprouting weeds without the need for herbicides.  The best news is that the sand keeps on working for many years. Trials carried out by the Bavarian Viniculture and Horticulture Agency (LWG) Langzeitstudien demonstrated the long-term effectiveness of the grouting sand. Last but not least, Dorfner uses the same technique on colored quartz sand. This decorative product produces very attractive joints and is available from dealers under the DEKOFUGE+ brand.

Dorner technology is radically different from other products. Because it is so distinctive, Dorfner was granted utility model protection years ago. The underlying technology is now also protected by a European patent. We are pleased that we can offer FUGENSAND+ and DEKOFUGE+ as exclusive products to Dorfner customers. The features that really set them apart are now safeguarded over the long term.