Scintillating potassium feldspar products from Dorfner

Our deposits in Hirschau are a repository of three highly valuable minerals, namely quartz, kaolin and potassium feldspar. By taking a new approach and leveraging our in-depth process expertise, we have come up with a new eco-friendly and totally dependable way of producing pure Hirschau potassium feldspar, and we developed the technique in record time. Our DORKASIL® 70 potassium feldspar is the first product which will be delivered by the new production process.

The ceramics industry particularly appreciates the high purity of DORKASIL® 70 which can be used to produce a light-colored body. With DORKASIL® 70, a highly homogeneous feldspar phase forms in the ceramic microstructure, enhancing the strength and appearance of the ceramics. DORKASIL® 70 is also an excellent choice for ceramic glazing. The ceramics are very well protected and have a radiantly clear appearance.The glass industry has conducted extensive tests on DORKASIL® 70 and has accepted the product with open arms. Once again, the high purity of DORKASIL® 70 is a key factor which is particularly advantageous in the production of highly translucent glass. The uniform high quality of DORKASIL® 70 gives the glass industry the assurance that producers will be able to effectively manage the melting process in the tank while running production “at the limit”.

The bottom line: the new Dorfner process for the production of high-grade potassium feldspar creates a wealth of opportunities. The technique is environmentally friendly and reliable, and it provides a valuable new source of potassium feldspar for dependable, economic production in the ceramics and glass industry. A supply target of roughly 2,000 tonnes of DORKASIL® 70 has been set in the Dorfner roadmap for 2015, and the company is pleased that it will be in a position to supply much larger quantities to users in 2016.