Traditional ceramics and new composites hand-in-hand

In 2015 for the first time in years, Dorfner made an appearance as an exhibitor at ceramitec in Munich. The company shared information with trade visitors on innovative new products for the ceramics, glass and composites industries. ceramitec is an international flagship event which covers the entire value-added chain in the ceramics industry and associated technologies. The number of trade visitors (> 15,000) from more than 90 countries leaves no doubt about the significance of the show which is held every three years.
Frank Herdt, head of Glass and Ceramics Sales, along with Dr. Ralf Giskow who is head of Composite Sales and Marco Süß who is in charge of composites R&D and Applications Engineering were on hand to represent Dorfner. They all reported that interest was high and that the discussions they had at the booth were very professional.
State-of-the-art materials create the need for new substances. This provided us with an incentive to use ceramitec as a platform for presenting our new materials for composites and glass/ceramics to a broad trade public.
This included the new GRANUCOL®-H series fillers which can enhance the structural strength of various composites, making them exceptionally stable and creating a finish which is virtually unscratchable. The unique touch and feel which is largely due to our high-performance mineral fillers creates the impression of rugged, high-quality design and durability.
The new DORKASIL® 70 potassium feldspar with particularly long sintering interval, very white fired color and very low Fe2O3 and TiO2 content was developed for the glass/ceramics industry. This new potassium feldspar is suitable for compounds and glazing applications in the ceramics industry, and it is an excellent source of Al2O3 for glass batch. Our low-dust quartz powder from the DORSICOAT® product family was also featured at the show. These products were developed particularly for use in the ceramic glazing and in solvent-based as well as solvent-free coating systems.
ceramitec gave us a welcome opportunity to share information with customers, partners and anyone else with an interest and to showcase our new raw materials and functional fillers. We would like to thank all of the visitors who came to our booth for the stimulating discussions.