Major Modernization at Dorfner

Dorfner delivers large volumes of bagged DORSILIT® quartz sand and powder to many customers. In addition to this extensive standard range, Dorfner also ships products in customer-specific packaging, so the production team needs a flexible, high-performance bagger.

As part of a major modernization program, the company installed a new quartz sand packaging line. A highly experienced team working under the direction of Thomas Gernhuber had responsibility for planning and design of the new line, and they executed the project in partnership with qualified suppliers and systems partners. The entire project was completed in record time. It only took six months to go from initial concept to start of operations.

The new tandem packaging line is designed for maximum throughput and performance. It continuously handles two product streams, guaranteeing maximum production flexibility and just-in-time delivery to customers. Bagging operations are completely enclosed in compliance with stringent occupational safety and environmental protection guidelines. The line handles and fills plastic bags as well as paper bags with PE-inliners. At the end of the filling sequence, the valves are ultrasonically welded shut, creating an absolutely secure seal. After sealing, the bags are automatically removed from the line and placed on pallets with millimeter accuracy. Stretch hood packaging is then automatically placed over the pallet load to provide moisture and dust protection during transit to the customer site.

With the new line, Dorfner can guarantee maximum product availability, quality and on-time delivery to its customers.