Equipped for the future.
Dorfner is expanding its storage capacities for calcines.

At Dorfner, calcines are one of the key growth areas. In order to meet the rising demand for these products, the company has massively expanded the silo capacity.

The multifunctional fillers are one of the many success stories of Dorfner. Now, a further silo has been added in addition to the two already existing silos. Thereby, the planning and implementation was conducted with a key focus on future growth. The silo base on which the third silo is installed, was already designed in such a manner that an expansion to a fourth silo is optionally possible.

An investment into the future of our customers. With the third loading silo and an additional capacity of 50 %, Dorfner is now able to flexibly respond to future increased demands, as well as maintenance and repair downtimes. Through this, it is possible to reliably maintain the flexibility, availability and punctuality even during peak times. 

After an extensive planning and engineering phase dorfner was able to start with the realization if the project. During this phase, the pipe lines were also created to ensure the connection to the existing storage facilities and the production plant.

After the installation, the aluminium silo was connected to the process control system using state-of-the-art equipment. 

The silo was put into operation at the beginning of the year. The weighing cells for the silo weighing enable a permanent control of the filling level. The indicator of the silo filling level, and the loading are controlled by the control station for the calcine.

With the new silo and the option for a further expansion, Dorfner is continuing to ensure the availability of DORKAFILL® H in the future. This will provide our customers in the paint industry with an added degree of certainty, and is also further evidence of Dorfner's reliability as an industry partner.