Every exterior wall gets wet –
Walls dry faster with DORVALIT® SHO

Climate change is bringing increased precipitation to our latitudes. We are experiencing more heavy rainfalls, and our buildings are very exposed to driving rain. So moisture protection on building exteriors is more important than ever.

Hydrophobic filler is the solution

Dorfner’s DORVALIT® SHO is a major breakthrough. This calcined kaolin with hydrophobic coating is ideal for water management on building exteriors. DORVALIT® SHO can be added to nearly any exterior dispersion paint, and like other additives it is firmly bound in the coating.

Genuine value add

Exterior wall paint made with DORVALIT® SHO delivers superior performance. It minimizes water absorption on the building exterior, and the walls dry out again quickly. DORVALIT® SHO particles in the paint coating deliver real added value because they create an open capillary system, ensuring fast, unimpeded elimination of moisture from the building exterior.

Better protection than ever

Using DORVALIT® SHO, manufacturers can make paint that provides significantly better protection, and that is something that building owners certainly appreciate. Manufacturers who make exterior wall paint with open capillaries are including DORVALIT® SHO in their formulations to an increasing extent. The paint is readily dispersible and dries exceptionally fast. Compared to silicone-reinforced formulations, the exterior walls are more dirt repellant. The first branded products with the intelligent Dorfner filler are already capturing market share.