Don't give electrostatic discharge a chance – use GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0

Dorfner is a leading supplier of quartz-based fillers for synthetic resin flooring at industrial and commercial facilities. The company has many years of experience and a proven track record for quality. Millions of square meters of flooring have been installed worldwide using Dorfner functional fillers.

Innovative coating technology is used on the new GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0 product range, creating a new class of conductive fillers for floor coverings which protect against ESD (electrostatic discharge). The products are based on quartz sand which has excellent conductivity.

Suitably formulated coating systems that contain only small amounts of the fillers provide effective ESD protection. GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0 has high mechanical durability, and its anti-slip properties enhance the safety of the flooring.

Cutting-edge, conductive coating resins support a rich palette of color pigments. GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0 gives Dorfner system partners and users access to a broad color spectrum for designing attractive anti-static flooring in industrial, commercial and government buildings. Decorative light-color flooring in particular with contrasting colors can be created using GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0 .

The Dorfner Applications Engineering team provides advice to customers during development and formulation of flooring for the anti-static market segment, and it helps installers to comply with specifications and regulatory requirements.