German Hazardous Material Protection Award

With the DORSICOAT® product family, Dorfner has enhanced crystal quartzes and their mixtures in such a way, that processing is now possible virtually dust-free thanks to a special coating. The products, which are included in the REFINERALS® product class at Dorfner, enable a much more pleasurable work performance. They are particularly used for the laying of resin-bound floor coverings. In addition they are also interesting for other industries, as the ceramics industry.

Now, this outstanding property of the dust-free DORSICOAT® product family was commended within the scope of the eleventh German Hazardous Material Protection Award by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). The prize has been awarded for more than 20 years for exemplary and pioneering activities which offer protection against hazardous substances. This year, among other things, practical solutions, innovative concepts and good ideas, which offer protection from dusts, were awarded. An independent jury comprised of people from science and research, ministries and the industry conducted the assessment of the received applications. The award ceremony was held on October 25, 2016 at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) in Berlin.

The DORSICOAT® product family is characterised by an almost completely dust-free processing capability. A special coating is applied to the crystal quartzes which almost completely prevents the formation of particulate dust. Thereby the coated quartz crystals are compatible with the binders of all commonly used organically-bound floor systems. DORSICOAT® significantly increases the safety and protects the health of employees at the workplace, the international regulations as well as the legal requirements. The low dust development of the products was confirmed by tests conducted by the Institute for Hazardous Materials Research of the BG Raw Materials and the Chemical Industry (IGF). Additionally the product is in accordance with the recommendations, campaigns and initiatives of the Professional Association of the Construction Industry.

But DORSICOAT® also increases the quality of the coating, because the surface deficiencies which are caused by dust do not occur anymore. By coincidence it was also discovered that the productivity of employees clearly increases at dust-free workplaces (and with it the productivity rate per square meter).