The special reinforcement for extremely burdened industrial flooring.

Industrial and commercial floor coatingsare often exposed to heavy loads. Chemicals, heat, dirt and water are only  a few examples. Especially  one-sided or partially continuous and peak mechanical loads represent a mayor challenge . The floor coating is significantly burdened, for example, if forklifts always travel along the same path, or heavy baskets are pulled across the floor in bakeries and butcher shops. Here, Dorfner filler systems can make a significant contribution to high-quality and durable coatings. 

GRANUCOR®, the new filler for floor coatings, specifically reinforces the composite coating on the surfaces which are particularly exposed to mechanical stress. The ready-mixed quartz sand blends are, for example, scattered into the DORSIMIX® compensation layer. The granulates used have a significantly higher abrasion stability, and thus protect the underlying surfaces.

On areas which are exposed to different loads on one surface, the best possible results with GRANUCOR® are achieved in combination with the GRANUCOL® ready-mixed blends  from Dorfner. Thereby, GRANUCOR®, like GRANUCOL®, scores with five different colour sand mixtures. Additionally, the GRANUCOR® mixtures are available in two different grain sizes from 0.3 to 0.8 mm, and from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm. 

 The advanced particle technology isn't just able to convince through its special qualities in production areas with high mechanical loads. Just like other filler materials from Dorfner, GRANUCOR® is compatible with all types of binder systems. 

GRANUCOR® relieves highly stressed floors in the right places and ensures that industrial floors demonstrate a long lasting good impression both visually as well as mechanically.