GRANUCOL® FQ - fine stuff for walls and floors

The very fine quartz of Dorfner’s new GRANUCOL® FQ series makes spray plasters, floor coatings and jointing compounds especially wear-resistant and UV-stable, ensuring a general impression of high quality and homogeneity. Offered in two grades of fineness, these fillers are coated with a very thin polymer film, into which color pigments are embedded. The range of applications is vast, as they can be used equally well indoors and out.

 Both walls and floors contribute substantially to the overall impression of a room, highlighting the architecture and value of a given construction. This is what’s behind manufacturers’ increasing demands on the quality and functionality of the fillers they use in their spray plasters, floor coatings and jointing compounds. With GRANUCOL® FQ, Gebrüder Dorfner GmbH & Co. Kaolin- und Kristallquarzsand-Werke KG offers these manufacturers a new generation of very fine quartz fillers in two grit sizes (FQ 10 0.10 - 0.20 mm and FQ 20 0.071 - 0.20 mm) to fulfill the most exacting requirements. Right now, the color palette comprises white, light gray and black, but this is already being extended! The respective color pigments in GRANUCOL® FQ are embedded into a whisper-thin layer of polymer on the particles.

Besides guaranteeing a high-quality look, this new generation of fillers is extremely durable and UV-stable. The homogenous grain size ensures smooth surfaces. And it gives viscous sprayed plasters a uniform structure and good rheological properties. When used in epoxy-based SL floor coatings, GRANUCOL® FQ allows for colored decorative surfaces just 2 mm thick. The high filler content also means significant cost savings. When incorporated into synthetic resin-based jointing compounds, the fillers create perfect, homogeneous grout lines; furthermore, the joints are water-repellent and bridge the gaps between tiles without tension or hairline cracks.