New opportunities for composites with extended GRANUCOL® H series

GRANUCOL® HSAP, an innovative mineral filler for resin-based composites, is the latest addition to Dorfner’s popular GRANUCOL® H line. This new product helps you achieve heretofore unimaginable results, meeting the highest requirements for modern sanitary fixtures like wash basins, bathtubs and shower pans.

The fillers of the GRANUCOL® H series form the basis for high-quality composites. They are distinguished by their ease of processing, the wide range of design and surface-creation possibilities they enable, as well as their high chemical and mechanical resistance. Not only do they present an ideal alternative to other materials, they also bring distinct value-adds.

In addition to the existing GRANUCOL® HG fillers – for that extra degree of scratch resistance and strength – and GRANUCOL® HSL, which reduces both shrinkage and the final weight of finished castings, the new GRANUCOL® HSAP fillers respond especially well to sanding and polishing, which also makes them much easier to repair. Based on natural minerals, these functional fine-filler mixes offer excellent scratch resistance and durability.

Because the post-processing of pieces containing GRANUCOL® HSAP is so simple, it opens up completely new dimensions in terms of design and manufacturing. Its excellent polishability ensures a beautiful gleam – from silk matte to high gloss – and a pleasant surface feel. Customized colorations allow you to work GRANUCOL® HSAP into any current – or future – bathroom trend.

But GRANUCOL® HSAP also offers economic advantages: due to its optimized packing density and grain distribution, higher filler contents are possible, thus reducing system costs. Furthermore, the products are easy to work with and have wide applicability, even using existing molds and conventional casting machines.