Additional information on Dorfner Group shipments and services

Our terms are ex works for shipments of one product per pallet. On request, we will invoice the cost of shipment to the destination. On orders for incomplete pallets, we charge the less-than-pallet-load rate per item. This charge also applies to shipments of less than one pallet of crystal quartz sand and less than 3 pallets of GRANUCOL® per item.


Our products are delivered as loose bulk or in big bags or paper or plastic sacks.

Standard weights for pallet shipments

  • DORKAFILL® – 900 kg
  • DORKAMUL® – 900 kg
  • Kaolin – 900 kg
  • Crystal quartz powder – 1,000 kg
  • Crystal quartz sand – 1,000 kg
  • GRANUCOL® – 1,000 kg
  • ISG-Produkte – 1,000 kg

Big Bags

We also ship most of our products in big bags. For safety reasons, big bags cannot be reused.

Big bag sizes

  • DORKAFILL® 600 – approx. 800 kg
  • DORKASIL® 90 granulated – approx. 1,200 kg
  • GRANUCOL® – up to approx. 1,500 kg
  • Kaolin granulated – approx. 1,300 kg
  • Crystal quartz sand, moist – approx. 1,500 kg
  • Crystal quartz fire-dried – approx. 1,500 kg


Products in sacks can be shipped on euro pallets, container pallets or non-returnable pallets.

Shrink wrapping

To avoid damage during shipment and storage, the pallets are wrapped in high-quality film. Fire-dried crystal quartz sand and powder packaged in sacks as well as GRANUCOL® are shipped exclusively on shrink-wrapped pallets.

Thermal energy costs

A surcharge applies to products which are thermally dried. The amount of surcharge depends on the market price of oil (Oil Market Report), and it is updated quarterly.