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GRANUCOL® KG and GRANUCOL® KG MIX – the colorful world of colored stone plaster

Exterior walls, particularly around the base, can be protected against wind and weather with very attractive colored stone plaster. The plaster also looks nice on interior walls, particularly at railing height in stairwells. Our color GRANUCOL® KG quartz sand and GRANUCOL® KG MIX ready-to-use blends are ideal for resin-based colored stone plaster. They have a hard quartz core and tough color coating. They are available in an extensive range of shades, and the color fastness and UV stability of these products are second to none.

Attractive appearance and excellent protection

Colored stone plaster made with GRANUCOL® KG and GRANUCOL® MIX is an attractive option for everyone involved including manufacturers of resin-based plaster, builders, property owners and tenants, because the surfaces have an excellent appearance and are very durable. Our top-grade colored quartz is the ideal choice for hard-wearing colored stone plaster in large rental apartment buildings, for protection around the base of exterior walls and for creative wall designs at retail outlets or in the home.

Large variety of colors for customers to choose from

The Dorfner product line gives producers of colored stone plaster an exceptionally large range of colors to choose from. At customer request, we deliver customer-specific color blends with excellent color fidelity, good reproducibility and guaranteed long-term availability.

High-tech color quartz sand gives colored stone plaster excellent durability and makes it easy to work with

Our advanced coating technology ensures that GRANUCOL® KG and GRANUCOL® KG MIX are mechanically very strong and resistant to aggressive environmental conditions. Because the grains are rounded, they roll easily when applied with a trowel and the coating is easy to smooth. The result is perfect coating results and high coverage rates.

The customer benefits of GRANUCOL® KG and GRANUCOL® MIX for colored stone plaster


  • Protection and design ingredients for colored stone plaster
  • Color quartz sand: bright high-strength quartz core with rounded corners
  • Tough resin coating with embedded color pigments
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  • Outstanding UV resistance and color fastness
  • Suitable for nearly all binder systems
  • Good workability reduces installation time and effort
  • Wide range of colors
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  • Very durable wall coatings
  • Good results, low likelihood of complaints
  • Good spreadability, high coating coverage
  • Brand-name product, high color fidelity, availability guarantee
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