DORSICOAT® - give dust the boot

Dorfner quartz sand has an enviable track record in the flooring industry going back many years. Millions of square meters of industrial and commercial flooring have been installed using these well-established products. Dorfner has now unveiled something totally new: the innovative DORSICOAT® product range.

DORSICOAT® coated quartz sand and sand blends are used as fillers in resin-bonded floor coatings. They give commercial and industrial flooring the durability which makes them virtually indestructible.

The elimination of dust is the new feature which really sets DORSICOAT® fillers apart. Making the work a whole lot easier for the installation team is in itself a big advantage. However, there are also other reasons why DORSICOAT® offers very good value for money to floor installers:

  • Elimination of surface defects caused by dust inclusions enhances the quality of the coating.
  • DORSICOAT® reduces installation time per square meter, making it easy for the installation team to increase their productivity.
  • DORSICOAT® fillers reduce topcoat consumption by up to 15%. That is pretty impressive.

Dorfner is introducing two product lines: DORSICOAT® PQK, tailored specifically for EP and PU resin systems, and DORSICOAT® PQW which is ideal for acrylic resin.  DORSICOAT® fillers are formulated to meet the exact application requirements: for mortar with good plasticity and self-levelling coatings which are extremely easy to work with, and to give the floor coatings the desired anti-slip characteristics.

DORSICOAT® products meet the emphatic demand by occupational safety specialists for “less dust at construction sites”. DORSICOAT® products are designed to maximize workplace safety, and they are highly compliant with international regulations and legal requirements.

DORSICOAT® ushers in a new era in flooring installation. To find out more, please send an e-mail to ulrike.heidingsfelder (at) dorfner [punkt] com or call us at + 49 (0) 96 22 82 115!

Click here to access Dorfner’s latest brochure on DORSICOAT® fillers.