DORSICOAT® looks like the next blockbuster

Our new DORSICOAT® quartz sand and quartz blends continue to capture market share and no end is in sight. DORSICOAT® brand coated quartz sand generates virtually no dust during installation. Measurements show that DORSICOAT® technology reduces airborne dust by more than 90% compared to conventional products. This is a major advantage which is very welcome to many European flooring companies. They now use only Dorfner DORSICOAT® quartz sand for pre-filling their coating resins and during application of dry shake. We are getting enthusiastic feedback from these users about the outstanding occupational safety benefits and the high level of acceptance by employees whose day-to-day work has become a whole lot easier.

Bottom line: DORSICOAT® has become an extremely important product group for the flooring industry. Read this article about DORSICOAT® (appeared in Baustoffpartner, April 2015, pp. 13ff) and click on this link to download the DORSICOAT® brochure.